I'm Jesse Krim

I'm an Entrepreneurial Thinker 📈

Hello 👋 I'm Jesse. I'm a Syracuse University 🍊 alumni making my mark in the tech industry. I've held organizational, sales, and marketing roles in a few startups and I've comfortably transitioned into software development roles as a mobile app and web developer. My goal was to learn enough about development that I would be a great asset to any early or mid-stage tech company and I have since fallen in love with how fun coding is.
I met Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) in November of 2018 to pitch him on an app to share success and entrepreneurial principles from the world's most successful people, and asked how he started Foursquare. He told me he taught himself how to code, and advised me to do the same.
For the last 3 years I have been learning new programming techniques in mobile and fullstack Javascript and it's changed my life. I've fallen in love with the ability to understand how software is built and used, and build various tools and projects myself. My initial goal in learning to code has been to build an app, and I have successfully built six apps using React Native, many of which are on the iOS and Android app stores.
A brief background on me (in addition to my resume:):
  • I had a gun to my head and was carjacked in 2012. This led me on a journey to find my true passions in technology and self-development where I spend my free time studying the world's most successful people.
  • I've networked to find most of my jobs:
    • Lead Full Stack Mobile Developer for Crew Me Up in New York City/Remote.
    • Frontend Mobile Developer for Gesture in New York City.
    • Operations, Fundraising, Marketing, and QA for Ribbon Labs in San Francisco, CA.
    • Project Manager for Zaitoun Ventures in Tel Aviv, Israel.
    • Operations Management and Sales for LightSpeed VT in Las Vegas, NV.
  • I've been developing a concept for an application connecting younger generations to the world's most successful, influential, and knowledgeable people.
  • From June-July 2021 I completed a deep dive into React.js to stay up-to-date on modern React patterns Epic React. This course is a deep dive into every aspect of React. Starting with fundamental and advanced Hook patterns, performance, e2e testing, react suspense, and finishing with building an application from scratch complete with fetching data from APIs.
  • I'm currently enrolled in a 5-week course taught by an 8 year Product Management veteran of Google, Nino Tasca ELVTR. It's been incredible learning PM research and analysis frameworks used in the field.
I’m highly ambitious, entrepreneurial, action-oriented, and I’ll be a great addition to any company or team.
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Crew Me Up
A labor management solution for the film and production industry using RN & Firebase.
React Native App
Gesture Logistics App
Displays live order & G-Runner data from a no-sql database. Includes custom auth, sorted data, filter options, and robust search ability for Gesture to operate more efficiently.
Gesture Logo
React Native App
Relationship App
I built my wife an app in React Native for her birthday that has a virtual card and a "random memory generator" displaying images and text in an "Instagram design". Distributed through Testflight.
Relationship App
React Native App
Great Locations App
React Native app allows users to take a photo and save places on a map. Uses device features such as Camera, Maps, SQLite, File Storage.
iOS Application
Shopping App
Full stack React Native app allows users to add new products into a firebase database, add products to their cart, and submit orders. Includes login auth, database, react-navigation, and redux.
Android Application
Meal Recipes App
This React Native application allows users to select categories for meals, choose a meal, and learn how to prepare it. This app utilizes react-navigation, and redux to manage state of favorites and filters for meals!
iOS Application
Guess A Number App
A React Native game on iOS and Android. This app's intention was to build reusable components with React Native and use a screen navigator.
iOS Application
An application utilizing the MVC methodology with MySQL to save and update messages with a Node server.
SQL logo
Github Fetcher (Full Stack)
Full stack application queries Github API for usernames, adds user to a database, and displays each user's top 25 repos.
Github logo
Full Stack
React Hooks App
A CRUD React hooks web-app which adds and deletes users in a table.
React Hooks Logo
React App

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